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Very rarely do we come across product or investment that pays for itself overtime while offering both short term and long-term gains. External aerofoil louvers are just such an opportunity, an ideal blend of aesthetics and powerful capacity to control heat gains and at the same time allowing for natural day lighting.

Giving you the opportunity to exploit natural sunlight in order to provide residential and office lighting, aerofoil louvers allow the entrance of day light while minimizing incoming heat and reducing overall cooling bills.

C & L Products is a company specializing in custom-made louvers in ceilings including aerofoil louvers box and regular sun louvers. With a panel size of 150/200/330/450 effective width, 0.50-0.70mm aluminium panel thickness and accessories including an aluminium extruded end cap, C & L Products offers its customers practicality and looks, at very reasonable rates. Other products of the company include Baffle ceiling, Lay on Tile Ceiling, Hair Line Ceiling and many more.

Benefits Offered by Aerofoil Louvers:

  • Cost economization due to reduced cooling and heat regulation costs.
  • Reduced heating costs in winter since these aerofoil louvers control thermal resistance, keeping the room warm.
  • Aesthetics. Since sun louvers are now available in a wide variety of designs, sizes, shapes and styles, you can easily transform the entire look of your room or office and take it to a completely new level.
Aerofoil Louvers




Panel Size

150 / 200 / 330 / 450mm Effective Width


0.50 – 0.70mm Thick Aluminium Panel


Alum Extruded End Cap